Tim - as always I appreciate your writing and self awareness of our impact on this precious blue globe. I was having similar fossil-fueled misgivings recently as I filled our diesel tank for another season on the water. After running the numbers, I was able to rationalize the consumption in light of how much worse the typical American profile is vs. the enjoyment/sanity that sailing provides. (sometimes solo, sometimes not) https://jeff168.substack.com/p/fueled-up

“Relatively less bad” isn’t a great answer, I know. But consider that by sharing the actions you’re taking to be more aligned with the nature we are part of, you’re helping inspire others to do the same.

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Thanks, Jeff. I know you look at things in a similar way so we are on our way to social contagion change! I get tempted to comfort myself with the "relatively less bad" comparison as well, but the problem is that the remaining carbon budget (for any hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change) is a hard number and we are collectively blowing through it, absent rapid and radical change. So we need to keep fighting the good fight, and figuring out ways to make those changes. Which, as you know, can be an interesting and rewarding journey.

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